Nov 08

Today’s update brings a visualizer mode! It builds a kaleidoscope lightshow from any skin. I also did a lot of work on the song selector this week - adding a recent songs list and a list of random songs.

Nov 01

Another Friday, another bag of Audiosurf 2 candy!


This is a skin I did to show two really powerful skinning techniques added to the game this week. The first is morphing. Now skins can include morph targets for meshes to make them animate with the music! The other is mesh tracks. Now skins can build track surfaces with meshes instead of only through scripting. These meshes can be any size and the game will repeat them through the entire song, shaping them to the track. The tube of hexagons in resistance is an example.


This is one of the most beautiful and thorough skins I’ve seen so far. The modeling work is gorgeous. New ship, new wakeboard, new blocks, new ending shape, and tons of new textures. A wakeboard favorite of mine and great in other modes too!

Also! there was an update a couple days ago including support for Apple lossless audio:

Added ALAC (Apple lossless) song support so now all .m4a files will work as long as iTunes is installed Added WAV song file support Mods and Skins: added in-game comment buttons that open workshop in the steam overlay Mods: Fixed a memory leak

Oct 25

It’s Friday! So, new mods — and this week the theme is dodging


First up is Evasion by HyperGeek. Bullet hell for your music. The bullet patterns are timed to the music brilliantly. It’s awesome when a wave of bullets comes flying from the side and you can almost see the lyric that launched them. Everyone should give this one a try.


My mod for this week is also a dodging thing, but this time you’re on the surface of a sphere. The inspiration was to save the last dinosaur by evading incoming meteors - it’s all abstract now though. It’s pretty hard, but there’s usually a way to sneak past the incoming walls of bullets since they come in arcs.

Oct 22

Added ability to delete and unsubscribe from mods and skins from within the game 
Smoothed camera rotations (especially noticeable in mods like Twisted Mono)
Song browser now more responsive when getting metadata for a large number of song files 
Song browser now displays larger album art 
Mod: Added ability to force match clear immediately 
Skin: Added ability to load powerup models 
Song library now stored at cache/db 
Blocks flatten as they enter the grid

Oct 18

Mono Midway

I’m planning to release a new Audiosurf 2 mod every Friday and here’s the first - Mono Midway! It brings two things to the normal mono mode: loops (like a rollercoaster) and power pellets. When you collect a power pellet, the blocks for some seconds after it are upgraded into power blocks. Collecting those gives you bonus points based on how full your grid is. It uses technology from Wakeboard mode to place pellets and loops right at impactful moments in the music. Have fun!

Pointman Elite

Also, community members have re-created Pointman Elite in Audiosurf 2! You can catch blocks and store them to drop at a better time. Nice work Jagori and Passerby!

Oct 16

UI: Moved navigation to the top of the screen
Mod: returning a new track to OnTrackCreated no longer does anything
Mod: added OnRequestTrackReshaping function for custom track paths
Mod: Fixed numbers 4-9 in mod keys table
Skin: Added better error messaging for obj mesh loading functions
Skin: twistmode setting now only works in skins bundled with mods (dedicated skins)
Wakeboard Grid: decreased gravity to -.5 (was -.65)
Added mod heading text to scoreboard - better communicates that each mod has its own scoreboard for every song
Fixed scoreboard entries occasionally disappearing almost instantly
Fix for song loading failure on Windows XP
Song browser now never starts in soundcloud mode when the game first starts
Removed loading screen auto-advance after tutorial rewind
Fixed match timer exploit

Oct 11

Updated with improved Wakeboard modes!

Oct 10

A few skins that caught my eye today. You’ll find them on Audiosurf 2’s Steam Workshop!

I’ve been really impressed with the skins and mods released already. This community is awesome!

Updated with bumping mono tracks

Updated with improved intro fly-in

Oct 09

Thanks for all the great feedback on the audiosurf and steam forums! Audiosurf 2 is improving at high speed — and this list is just what I’ve been up to — there’s a ton of cool things from other developers on workshop:

OCTOBER 9: Updated with Avatars!
Added steam avatars to scoreboards
Fixed online scoreboards allowing scores for every player, for every song, for every mod
Added mouse speed to options screen
Added sound effects volume to options screen
Removed mouse acceleration
Removed unlocking requirement for non-wakeboard modes
Added My Music shortcut to song browser
Fixed double-clicking play triangle sometimes causing hang on loading screen
Fixed playing in offline mode

OCTOBER 6: Updates to Mods and UI
Added scroll bar to song browser
Improved song browser font with international character support

Added control of the match timer to the SetPuzzle function
Wakeboarder’s current jump height is now sent to Update (5th parameter)
Added function DoJump to initiate a wakeboard jump
Added callback OnPlayerJumped
Added callback OnPlayerLanded with properties “airseconds”, “airdistance”, “crashed”
Added callback OnTrickStarted with property “type” (1-4)
Added callback OnTrickCompleted with properties “type”, “points”
Added “v3offset” property for each block returned in OnTrafficCreated. Overrides “strafe”
Can now set any number of custom skin properties

Can now detect color count in skin properties (“colorcount”)
Can now receive any number of custom skin properties

Tutorial final challenge reduced to 9,000 points (from 12,000)

Better handling of corrupted song tags
Looks for song artist in tag before album artist
SkySphere hole fixed

—What’s next—
Fix Scoreboards
Fix camera fly-in at song start
Option for sound effect volume
Option for mouse speed

October 4: Updated: Classic skin and FLAC support added
—added classic skin
—added FLAC and WMA song file support
—skins can now change the blocks
—skins can now change the block flash texture
—skins can now change the rooster color
—added daylight skin to audiosprint

—cleaned up official skin folders
—removed upload button from mode-specific skins (sunset)
—fixed blocks coming in two shades of blue in the sandstorm skin

October 2: Updated: Workshop uploads now work

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